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Camino Downunder Class & Workshop ~ Camino de Santiago


Photo credit: Holiness
The yellow markers show this pilgrim’s intended way…

At the end of January, I head down to Sydney to attend ‘Camino Downunder’s’ Class and Workshop on the Camino de Santiago route from Saint Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela. The workshop will be held on Saturday, 2 February, 2013 in Clarence St, Sydney, right near Darling Harbour and the Rocks area.

I will be very excited to meet others who are intending to do this walk in the future and hear from experienced trekkers about what to expect, have my questions answered, and hear answers to questions I never thought to ask.

I feel very reassured to attend a workshop of this nature, especially if I do, in the end, walk solo. I am hoping the workshop gives me the confidence and accurate information to help make my walk every bit successful that I am praying for.

Camino Downunder, run by husband and wife team, Marc and Yvonne Grossman, experienced trekkers themselves, have walked the Camino several times. Below is a link to their blog and website to check them out for yourself.



To prepare for this workshop they have given me some homework to do in the mean time. The homework covers four main areas that include me thinking about:

1. a) Any concerns and/or anxieties I might be having.

    b) Creating a list of questions, including confusing and/or contradictory information gleamed from internet sites.

    c) Creating a list of any unresolved issues about walking the Camino de Santiago.

2. Creating a list of all the gear I am intending to take, especially the quantities.

3. Creating a list of all the non-walking gear I am planning to take.

4. And finally, my reflective & philosophical meditation task – detailing my ‘core business’ – in other words, why I want to do this pilgrimage.

I will make sure I do this homework very thoughtfully to get the best out of the workshop.

Right near the venue are some recommended outdoor stores which will be fun to look through and perhaps, buy any requirements needed. The quantity of clothing and the weight carried in the back pack will help decide what needs to be purchased. There are many aspects of this adventure that will require a great deal of attention and valuable information heeded to make it a successful journey. Being weighed down with too much gear is not an option conducive to a comfortable hike.

There is a lot of information out there on the internet and many people have valuable knowledge and experience to share. But it is up to me to decipher everything and glean what will work for me. It is all a necessary part of the process of preparation.

When it is all said and done…it is wise to listen to people who have a wealth of knowledge and experience, but in the end, it is up to me to prepare in a safe and well thought out manner. I am more than happy to follow the advice of those who have gone before. Why invent the wheel? Of course there are lots of choices out there regarding particular brand names and variances in equipment and that’s when the real fun can start.

The photo below sums up everything regarding this walk for me.


Photo credit:

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