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Finding My Way

photo by blueshell

From the Smallest Seeds to the Birth of an Idea

~   Finding   ~

‘The Way’

photo by freestock

Ideas are a wonderful thing, don’t you think? Occasionally they come to us fully formed and ready to run with. But most of the time, for me that is, they come like seeds on the wind, sometimes randomly and land around me like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle just waiting to be put together.

Lately I’ve been feeling a little excited because seeds that were sown randomly for me, over the past number of years, are starting to come together and are beginning to take shape. All the little seeds have formed the idea and now it is up to me whether I act on it, or accept it as just another idea and leave it at that.

The seeds sent to me have all the markings of a challenge. The idea excites me, but it is still going to challenge me – really challenge me. And, being the type of person that likes to rise to challenges, and also to share things with others, no doubt, it will become a challenge to a small handful of people as well.

photo by freestock

The idea is at the stage of germination. Enough random seeds were planted for the idea to take hold and it has begun to grow. Although it is a newly formed single idea now, I can feel its power. It is a strong idea and I can feel it taking root while it waits for me to feed it.

This particular idea is a positive one and so I do want to feed it and explore where it could lead me. And so begins the research to help answer the many questions of the whats, the hows, the whys, and the wheres. This in itself is huge, but like any journey – it all starts with one step. And so this entry in my blog marks my first step along my new journey. I am planning to dedicate time to journalling about the process of seeing an idea through to the end.

Research and planning are the stages that seal the deal for ideas. Research separates the do-ables from the not so do-ables. I have commenced my research stage and from what I have read so far, the only feeling I get is one of excitement, so I guess that is fuel for my idea. It already gains strength from the positive vibe I’m sending it. The picture below is a metaphor of my feelings right now.

photo by tree growing from book

What I am planning to do will not be easy. In actual fact, it will be my EVEREST moment in life if I can accomplishment it. And, no…there is no literal or subliminal message here.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts, research, resources and any interesting bits and pieces along the way, for whoever decides to follow along.

photo by freestock

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